AI made simple

Unleash the power of Edge AI, computer vision & sensor fusion

Solve real life transportation problems using artificial intelligence on edge devices without a PhD in AI or machine learning

Use the power of AI coupled with our rule engine and a wide range of sensor data to analyze and interpret real life situations with zero to none delay

Easily perform multiple AI detections with human-level accuracy using the Toro platform and Zonda telemetry stack

(with zero to none coding)

Some use cases:

Driver Status Monitoring

Our technology can easily detect distracted driver behaviors like drowsiness, smoking, texting while driving among others.

ADAS with Risky Driving and Scoring

Our front-facing stereo camera can easily detect involuntary lane change, tailgating, red light and stop sign violations while creating alerts and events.

Traffic Infraction Detections

With the power of our Edge AI solution, detecting traffic infractions like red-light crossing, forbidden turns, cross-walk invasion, non stopping at Stop and Yield signs, is simple and easy.

Custom Detections

  • Passenger counting
  • Cargo recognition
  • Plate detection
  • traffic sign mapping
  • other custom object mappings/detections

Core technologies

Powerful hardware and developer tools to change the way we deploy AI solutions

Advanced AI hardware for the edge

Toro has been developed to make deployment of AI solution directly to the edge simple and easy.

It has a compact and resistant design that allows to install the unit in vehicles, factories or roads.

Hardware Specs:

  • Supports Nvidia Jetson Nano and Jetson NX2
  • Delivers up to 1.33 TOPS AI performance
  • Global 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, BT 5.0 and Gigabit Ethernet
  • GPS/Galileo/Glonass/Beidou
  • Dual fully isolated CANBUS interface
  • Fits up to 6 CSI cameras
  • Fanless rugged aluminium enclosure
  • Internal UPS with high capacity battery
Wide input power supply 12~36V + UPS
10/100/1000MB Ethernet
Up to six CSI Camera interfaces
Dual USB 1.0/2.0/3.0
Dual CAN Bus,1-Wire, 2 RS232, 1 Rs485, 3 DI/DO, 2 AI
Micro SD card up to 512GB
RTC clock
Supports Nvidia Jetson Nano and Jetson NX2
Internal USB connector for extra data storage up 5TB SSD
9-axis IMU for blackbox functionalities

High efficiency cameras

We have developed high speed custom cameras for Toro

Each camera uses a dedicated state of the art automotive FPD-Link3 interfaces that is able to feed the images directly to the image processor. This reduces frame ingestion times significantly, allowing for near real-time processing.

Edge telemetry stack + AI rule-engine.

A Real-time processing engine:

  • Runs directly on the edge devices, zero latency
  • Extremely fast and reliable, weights less than 1MB
  • Can connect to multiple endpoints simultaneously
  • Extensible

Visual rule editor

  • Embed business logic to edge devices with zero to none code required
  • Run hundreds of flows in parallel on each device
  • Deploy rules to group of devices in a single operation
  • 60+ functions, includes mathematical, integral, derivative, persistent accumulators & custom functions to address needs of our clients
  • Easily interact with CANBUS and MODBUS in real-time
  • Sink to MQTT or HTTP endpoints

Lightweight IoT data processing stack

We love node-red, but its underlying technology, makes it difficult to use it on embed devices. It requires a complete JS engine, and we like to keep our firmware small and fast. It also doesn’t have support for native parallel execution of flows.

So we decided to create  Zonda. Completely coded in C and C++, it only weights 266KB and outperforms node-red by several orders of magnitude running anywhere from hundreds to thousands of flows in parallel.

Advanced IoT administration platform

Device management, data collection, processing and visualization for your IoT solution

Director enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols – LWM2M, MQTT and HTTP.  It provides ability to register and manage devices.

Supports transport encryption, device authentication and device credentials management via TLS certificates.

Dynamic Acquisition Tables for CAN & MODBUS

Director allows you to easily create and deploy data acquisition tables.

  • Define which set of parameters you need to fetch from the ECMs
  • Configure per parameter sampling rate
  • Easily deploy DAC tables to group of devices
  • Receive all the data via MQTTS as compressed JSON (up to 80% compression rate)

One place to perform all IoT operations

Manage your edge devices remotely via an intuitive interface:

  • Device bootstraping and provisioning
  • Perform advances device configuration
  • Manage FOTA updates
  • TLS certificate management
  • Check device health status easily
Advanced telematics

Deployed all over the world, our  devices help protect the biggest engines and machinery around the world.

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About EMD

Established in 2014, we develop telematic solutions that help keep safe and operating the biggest engines and machinery.

We have complete vertical integration on our products since all the hardware and software design, product manufacturing and testing is done by us.

Having complete control over the design allows us to create powerful while extremely efficient products.

As a startup we move at lighting fast speed and are able to implement the latest technologies into our products. When the technology to solve a specific problem doesn’t exists, we simply create it.

Having already developed successful telematics solutions, we are now moving forward into integrating them with edge AI, machine learning and computer vision.


If you are interested in a commercial contact, send us an email and we will contact you instantly.

We’re currently in look of a few new engineers – If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your resume and details for all opportunities.

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